Who are we?

We are an online based business selling Phone Ring Holders and Magnets for the international market.

Why didn't I get one before?

Like us, you must have felt the need for them. Small and unintrusive, these accessories are a must-have for safety and versatility

Practical & Useful


Phone Ring Holders increase the safety of handling your mobile device. On the move or driving, on the train or at home, these rings will improve immensely your use of your phone or tablet.

Quality Design

Easy to install and use, the rings are carefully designed and manufactured to last the challenges of everyday use

Perfect Design

Design Choices are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your needs and lifestyle

Phone RIng Holder
Versatility 1

It works as a finger holder and as a stand. Leave it at an angle for perfect viewing at home, office, train or flight.

Versatility 2

Use it in conjunction with a Magnet Holder in a car or at home (Magnet holders are bought separately)

A Must-have

Ring Holders respond to a need for safety and are incredibly useful, allowing you to make the most of your phone, without the hassle. Discover by yourself how practical they are.

Treat yourself or get it as present for someone else

These items are very affordable and make a great present for yourself or your dear ones. Avoid giving useless junk; instead, give them something they will appreciate and will forever remember (every day, literally!).


Mobile phone rings, holders and magnets to keep your device safe. We bring you designs and quality products that meet everyday needs.


An energised online shop focused on bringing you the best quality phone ring holders. Affordable and competitive pricing backed up by a solid supply chain.


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Find one for you

Find a ring that suits you. It's a matter of style as they’re all quality items.

Get a Magnet

Find a magnet for your car. No clumsy holders; just an easy magnetic one strong enough to hold it but easy enough to release the phone

For home

What about a Magnet to put around the house or office…? Carry on doing what you were doing, free from holding your device.

For a friend

Find a suitable ring and/or magnet for your mate, friend, partner… they’ll remember you every day!