01. Enough of useless stuff.

Finding a decent gift to offer someone can be a challenging task. Of course, there’s always a good book out there or the classic flowers but more often then not, we rush around too much to be able to think about it properly. Also, ask yourself “how many times did I offer something that was useless?”, or “how many times did I get something that was completely useless?”… I dare say quite a few times…

Flowers are always a nice gift to anyone, no matter how simple

02.Well, rejoice! Help is at hand!.

No one likes to give or receive just ‘stuff’ that will find its way to the bin or charity shop on the first opportunity. On the other hand, phone ring holders, are a great present to offer anyone. Think about it: they are practical and useful as well as having designs that will suit everyone. The Phone Ring Holder will increase safety as well as improving a great deal the use of the phone. They also work as a stand, allowing the phone to be at over 45 degrees angle.

Being a ring means that holding the phone becomes more secure. The device is small, unobtrusive, solid and does the job (or jobs!) perfectly.

03. The cherry on the cake.

And then the cherry on the cake: the Phone Ring Holder is something that they will be using every day – literally! So, every time they use it, there’s will a thought for you, no matter how fleeting it may be. And every time someone asks them where they got it, you’ll be there in the answer.

Phone Ring Holders are a great present for anyone, young and old, men and women, wealthy or JAMs, in the city or in the country. They work, they are resistant, they last, they have several uses.

The Phone Ring Holder doubles up as a stand making it a lot easier to keep the screen at an angle. 

04. With a Magnet.

To complement it, there are the Magnets to use inside a car. The Magnets come with a magnetic plate to attach to the phone, so you do not need a Phone Ring to go with it. However, most Phone Rings are compatible to use with the Magnet. On top of that, you can use the Magnets anywhere, so yes it can be in the car, but equally, it could be to use it in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Next time you consider offering something to a mate, family or partner, do consider a phone ring and/or a phone magnet. Their price is from just over the price of a pint down the local… with one major difference: they last longer.