The beginning

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been on the train trying to watch something on the phone, by leaning it against the seat in front of me, only for it to fall at any movement on the train. It’s really frustrating.

Of course, one tries again, only for it to happen again. But to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome is in the words of Einstein, a definition of madness.

So when I saw a phone ring, I was thrilled to have come across a solution. A friend of mine came to visit us, and while seating in a pub, she showed us some pictures on her phone. The phone was seating steadily in an over 45 degrees angle without any problem whatsoever. “Genius!” I thought.

Being a ring, means that holding the phone becomes more secure

the SIANCS Mobile Phone Ring Holder Stand

A perfect fit.

It was a matter of little time before I got one. I eventually got the SIANCS Mobile Phone Ring Holder Stand and have been really happy with it. I can’t tell you the difference that such a small device has made, and not only on the train.

Being a ring, means that holding the phone becomes more secure. Recently I was with my partner in the Highlands where we crossed this seaside landscape made of small and large stones. I took pictures there, and I can assure you that I felt a lot safer for using the ring holder, for it greatly diminished the likelihood of the phone falling out of my hands and crashing into the rocks.


In other words, while my priority was to have a way of keeping the phone at an angle to watch stuff, I now use the phone ring holder in many more ways. I guess once you have a device like this, you discover other ways to use it, which make as much sense.

Of course, when you look at the world around you, with so many nasty things happening and so full of uncertainty, these things seem rather irrelevant. Nevertheless, there’s a great deal of comfort from solving a problem and increasing one’s quality of life by getting rid of a little problem that was often a source of much irritation and frustration. That means it leaves more time to focus on the things that really matter… like making the world a better place.

I felt the phone was a lot safer in my hands using the ring holder

the SIANCS Mobile Phone Ring Holder Stand

Problem solved

So yes! I no longer have the recurrent windup of trying to watch stuff on the phone while on the train. The device is small, unobtrusive, solid and does the job (or jobs!) perfectly.

People sitting next to me often look with curiosity and occasionally ask me where to get one. I tell them about the shop where I got it. it’s maybe presumptuous, but I guess that if it solves the problem for me, it will do the same for many others who have the same issue.

And when you look at the cost, it’s fair to say that it’s a small price to pay for increasing the satisfaction of enjoying whatever you are doing with your phone, at any given time.

Strongly recommend it!

Phone RIng Holder